When you choose to work with London Bloom Weddings and Events, you’re getting much more than someone who will help create the weddings’ design or simply master the timeline. You’re getting a counselor, mediator, crisis manager, facilitator, budget manager, and friend.

London Bloom Weddings and Events is a full-service wedding design, planning, and coordinating company based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our mission is to give each and every client a once-in-a-lifetime experience that exceeds all expectations.

I'm London, Owner and Lead Planner of London Bloom Weddings and Events. I love being a wedding planner for many reasons. There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing the joy on a couple’s face during their special day. I cherish the entire journey and love the ability to work with my clients from start to finish. This time spent together allows me to get to know each individual on a personal level, so that I can best serve their needs. Most importantly, I treasure the lasting relationships I’ve built with clients during my career in wedding and event planning.

It didn’t take me long to find my calling in wedding and event planning. After a short time spent as a television reporter, I was given the opportunity to work as an event coordinator at a resort in Michigan. Fast forward a couple of years and I had taken over all wedding responsibilities for the resort. I loved it from the start and haven’t looked back since. I transitioned into a role that allowed me to solely focus on weddings and special events. Spending multiple years at a AAA Five-Diamond Resort in Florida taught me how luxury can be found in each and every detail. Now that I'm back home again in Indiana, I'm excited to work with you on your wedding or next event.

When I'm not planning weddings, you'll most likely find me enjoying time with my husband and family. They mean the world to me. My passions include traveling, helping others, and anything Disney. I'm obsessed with broadway musicals, handwritten letters, true crime podcasts, candles from Primrose Candle Co., and of course, french fries from McDonald's, 

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Although every detail of a wedding is important, there are a few that we like to spend a little extra time on, in order to take the wedding from good to great. Over the years, we've come to realize the importance of building a solid foundation centered around the following tasks and goals:

We understand the importance of securing the right vendors, based on your unique design, budget, and priorities.
It’s our goal to build you the dream team for your event, by choosing vendors that are professional, consistent, 
and most importantly, will embody a similar style and vision to your own. 

It's no secret that a wedding has a lot of moving parts. With multiple parties involved, each with their own schedule and priorities, the need for constant communication is always there. Whether it's correspondence with the bride, the venue, or a vendor, we take it upon ourselves to make sure everyone is on the same page. Constant communication allows us to stay on top of this and avoid falling behind.

My goal is to make your day as stress-free as possible. There's nothing more stress-free than having someone anticipate your needs, solve a problem, or put out a fire, before you even think of it. Whether it's a pair of flip flops tucked under your chair, so you can  ditch the heels, or a premade plate of food waiting for you at your seat, having a planner who anticipates your needs allows you to spend all of your time simply enjoying the night.

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